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VinFast Electric Vehicle Global Premiere

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VinFast electric vehicle was launched officially at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show. VinFast is a member of VinGroup automotive brand with a vision of driving the global electric vehicle revolution. In just 18 months, they became one of the best-selling automotive brands and most beloved in Vietnam. VinFast try to deliver the best quality of products, competitive prices, and outstanding after-sale service for each customer.

At the event, VinFast Vietnam debuted two electric SUV models, the VF e35 and VF e36, with several advanced technologies. This event represents an important milestone in the global expansion plan of “driving the movement of the global smart electric vehicle revolution” and realizing the “Future of Mobility” for a green planet and sustainable development.

vinfast electric vehicle

VinFast VF e35

VinFast VF e35 is a SUV model in D market segment. VF e35 has an impressive design with a balance of delicate yet sharp, crisp lines that contribute power and forward motion. This design is called ” Dynamic Balance ” 

vinfast electric vehicle

VinFast VF e36

VinFast VF e36 is a SUV model in E market segment. The VF e36 brings a different aspect with a strong and dynamic design. This design will empower outstanding aerodynamics and an extended range for the electric car. Especially, “Air Curtains” is one of the highlight points due to redirect air from high drag areas in the hood and front end. On the other hand, door handles, glass and trim are all flushes to the body. A sloping roofline and tapering side glass are also very aerodynamic.

vinfast electric vehicle

VinFast Electric Vehicle Technology

These two VinFast Electric Vehicles integrate ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems), featuring Lane Assist, Collision Warning, Driver Monitoring, Fully Automated Parking, Summon Vehicle and more. Additionally, VF e35 and VF e36 are equipped with Smart Infotainment, including in-car control features such as Voice Assistant, Virtual Assistant, and E-Commerce Services, among others.

vinfast electric vehicle

Smart EV technology to transform driving and user experience

Technology for Life

Design that starts with user experience, to redefine lifestyle

Personalized experience

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data

Connect your personal lifestyle to your car

Connected and seamless experience between the car and other daily environment

VinFast VF e34

VinFast’s electric SUV models (VF e35 & VF e36) will be available for pre-order in the first half of 2022, deliveries planned to begin in the fourth quarter of the same year. At the moment, customers can purchase the VinFast VF e34 model in Vietnam at an affordable price.